Back Burner Designs is a start-up in New Hampshire that specializes in reclaimed wood dining tables, furniture and home decor. We create our designs in-house are are happy to work with you to create anything from one piece to a room or a whole house! If you run a business, whether it’s a bakery, cafe, or a boutique, we can help you get the look and feel you are striving for through wood accent walls, furniture, tables, and displays. We have made a variety of pieces which are showcased in our gallery, but please ask if you don’t see something and it’s likely that we can design it for you. Please browse our gallery, sign up for our email list (below), and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!


Matt Lebel


I am a former engineering student who started designing furniture in 2008. After many lessons learned, I was building the furniture that I was dreaming up. In 2013, I built my first pallet dining table and immediately got the attention of my friends and family. After building several more pieces of furniture, I launched Back Burner Designs in April of 2014. Initially, I offered only a pallet dining table and a wire spool cafe table. Through the great support from my friends and family and the community, Back Burner Designs has grown as fast as I can keep up with it. Less than one year after starting up, I left my job as a retail store manager to pursue Back Burner Designs full-time. Back Burner Designs is still growing and evolving but we will never lose sight of our mission to create honest, responsible and unique products.

When I started Back Burner Designs, my mission was to build honest furniture using as much reclaimed wood as possible. I didn’t want trees to be cut down for my pieces and I didn’t want to use any particle board or plastic veneers – just real reused wood. Back Burner Designs also supports programs that benefit the local community, small business and the environment, so you can feel good about your purchase!

Back Burner Designs is growing and evolving rapidly and we’d love to have you around for the journey. Stay up to date by signing up for the email list and connect with us using the links below!