Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

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Built on the platform of our popular Farmhouse Dining and Vagabond Dining tables, the Modern Farmhouse Table is a slightly sleeker but just as stylish. The legs are brought out to the very corners of the table and the bolts on the outside of the table are omitted. These small changes make a huge difference in the way the table looks, giving it a very clean, modern appeal.

The Farmhouse top is made with reclaimed barn boards that we have gathered from barns in New England. The old boards can be anywhere from 50-120 years old or more and have a distinctive style and patina that simply cannot be replicated with new wood. 

We make these tables to order, so if you need different dimensions than those listed we're happy to make that happen. If you need help, we can assist you with finding the right fit for your room size, seating requirements and budget. If you already have your dimensions ready, send them to us in a message for a quote!

*Photos show different configurations, colors, and sizes.