Vagabond Dining Table

Vagabond Dining Table

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Our original piece which sparked the beginning of Back Burner Designs in 2013, we redefined pallet furniture with our Vagabond Dining Table. We have refined this table over the last few years to become the premium dining table that it is today. The Vagabond is a capture of old wooden pallets that have traveled the country and the world. The markings and colors tell the story of their lifetime of travel.

Unlike other pallet furniture makers, we strip down the pallets and re-mill the lumber treating each piece individually to maintain uniqueness and character. We design the asymmetric board layout to be beautiful and diverse with contrasting tones from different species of wood. Even the table frame itself is over-engineered to provide strength and a sturdy, solid feel. Most importantly, the pallet wood is smoothed and sealed with our mix of all-natural low-VOC finishes making it durable, splinter-free and safe for you and your family!

All of our tables are made to order in New Hampshire, these tables are made with salvaged pallets that were retired from service. The pictured table measures 56″ by 36.5″ (93 cm by 143 cm) and seats four with the ability to seat two additional on the end if needed for gatherings. The rough top is smooth enough to eat on and for dishes to rest evenly, but still maintains the raw appearance and markings that the pallets had gathered during their lifetime.

Different size tables are available and many custom requests can be accommodated. For a price quote on a custom order, please send us a message.