Cameron Dining Table

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The Cameron Dining Table takes our Farmhouse Dining Table top and fuses it to a cross-legged base. This ultra-sturdy table has all the warmth and appeal you’d expect from any of our dining tables with a distinguishing new style of base.

The Farmhouse top is made with reclaimed barn boards that we have gathered from barns in New England. The old boards can be anywhere from 50-120 years old or more and have a distinctive style and patina that simply cannot be replicated with new wood. We keep our wood organized and can always let you know what we know for a story behind the wood chosen for your table.

We make these tables to order, so if you need different dimensions than those listed we're happy to make that happen. If you need help, we can assist you with finding the right fit for your room size, seating requirements and budget. If you already have your dimensions ready, send us a message for a quote!

Also pictured is our Cameron Matching Bench.