Sandown Harvest Table

Sandown Harvest Table

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The Sandown Harvest Table started out as a custom order that was aimed to create a less ‘heavy’ look than a trestle base. As soon as the table came together and we saw what we had made, we knew it was something special. The Sandown Table is built from barnwood joists reclaimed from New England barns sitting on a double pedestal base with steel pipe runners. The base can be wood-toned or painted giving a lot of options to match your specific home style. We have even scaled down the base design to create the perfect compliment bench for this table, appropriately named the Sandown Harvest Bench.

The first Sandown Table was built with barn joists from a barn in Sandown NH, giving this table its name. Today, we’re using lumber from barns all over New England, but we can tell you what we have in stock and usually a little history behind it!

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